Our mission is to inspire everyone to feel creative in his/her self-expression. We believe that every client is and should be treated as the most important person in the world, be provided with the best quality and always do what is right for the client. Here we celebrate life and beauty.

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The combination of technical, technological and other approaches allows to create jewelry with incomparable beauty branded as De Laur.

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True works of art are made in the workshop of De Laur jewelry house. Here, on the basis of sketches, with the help of skilled hands and sharp eyes, gold is given a shape and supplemented with precious stones, embodying the bravest desires of our clients.

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Luxurious, stylish and exclusive jewelry of De Laur is born as a result of the work of designers from our design studio. Following the latest fashion trends, each piece of jewelry is given an individual approach in terms of design and technical solutions.

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De Laur Boutique

Discover elegant accessories, exclusive and iconic jewelry, gifts for any occasion at our boutique.

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