Jul 2014

Grand Opening of De Laur jewelry house

On July 4 the grand opening of De Laur jewelry house shop took place. Many dignitaries, close people and clients were invited. De Laur prepared delicious treat, a variety of beverages for its guests and for women the brand prepared small gifts. After solemn cutting of a red tape, guests could enjoy Iveta Mukuchian's live performance and live saxophone.

 Delicacy of design, perfection of crafting, only natural jewels and metals are the characteristics of the  products. Jewelry house De Laur have passed a long way of improvement and development, and formed its unique style and handwriting. Thanks to professional designers of art studio De Laur, art is embodied in magnificent jewelry, and professional masters give life to the most difficult and even impossible of them.

 In De Laur shop, in the downtown, are created all the necessary conditions for comfortable customer service, and in the VIP-hall, the difficult process of choosing can become easier and pleasant.

De Laur is only for the ones, who appreciate beauty, quality and craftsmanship.